Monday, December 06, 2004

This could either be the funniest thing ever, or not

I finally finished my Skokie paper. It is entitled "Fraus with Plows: The 19th Century Development of Skokie."

David came up with that, so I suggest we all tar and feather him if my professor turns out not to have a sense of humor.

Finals Week = Awesome

Today, I fell asleep in the contract vault at work. Admittedly, I would've preferred somewhere with pillows, but it sufficed. I awoke to perhaps the second or third biggest heart attack in my life when someone was unlocking the door to come in. Then I put on my second or third fakest display of industriousness. And then she left and I went back to sleep.

But it's ok, because in two weeks, I'll be in Israel, where, if it's anything like the last trip, I won't be allowed to sleep at all.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The revolution will be be crammed for

Despite the slowly mounting pressure of this Skokie research paper and the fact that I haven't opened my Greek book in three weeks, I've decided that I rather like Reading Period. The Reg is packed to capacity, and everyone is typing away for all they're worth.(One day, I will post about pronoun number agreement and how it sounds silly, but not today.) All the trash cans are overflowing with candy wrappers, pop cans, and coffee cups. And it's as though a vast wave of unity has swept over the building. We are all suffering together. We are all the academically oppressed masses. It's like the revolution is beginning, but really, it's just finals week.