Saturday, January 22, 2005

The weather outside is frightful

...And obviously far too distracting to do homework in, so we went outside and played instead.

We walked (more accurately: trekked) to The Point and had a profound dialogue at the edge of the lake:
Julia: Wow, it's so beautiful. It's like an abyss...
Becky: There is SO MUCH snot coming out of my nose right now!

My dorm, I might add, is not holding up well under the circumstances. It is actually snowing into my living room right now through some invisible hole in the window. If you stop to consider this, however, it would be kind of cool to have indoor accumulation. You could build a snowman in your pajamas.

I ate so much today. And moved so little. Maybe I will mutate into a sloth?

It is definitely a bad sign when we have a collective epiphany about Hobbes while watching the X-Men movie.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The nuances of perpetual panic

I'm finding that I repeatedly spend the first five weeks of every quarter panicking that I'm already behind in all my classes and the quarter has just begun. Then I spend the subsequent five weeks panicking that the quarter is almost over and I'm suddenly behind in all my classes. But at least it lends a little variety to my life. Plus, when the quarter ends, I get to spend the interim periods panicking that I may be behind even before the new quarter begins. Maybe I need tranquilizers?

And now, a brief ode to the lox and bagels at the C-Shop:
O, sweet Salmon,
prince (not chicken) of the sea
how tasty you are on a toasted sesame bagel
you empty my wallet, but make my stomach happy