Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Eavesdropping II: College too hard, student complains

I was in Ex Libris this afternoon and overheard the following conversation:
Girl 1: Finally I emailed Dean Art and said, "Look, I'm paying $40,000 a year to be here, and it's too hard! I was in the library for like eight freakin' hours yesterday!"
Girl 2: What did she say?
Girl 1: She said she couldn't help me.
Girl 2: That must be really frustrating.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Feel my bookish wrath!

What the hell, people? It's Friday of reading period, finals are in three days, and the library is EMPTY. I thought we were all supposed to be communing together right about now in the spirit of mutual desperation and creating simmering revolutionary impulses. The only revolutionary tendencies I can see are the Spartacist and his girlfriend in the cubicles behind mine. Even the trash bins are neat and tidy when they should be overflowing with coffee cups. Where is the agony? Where are the late nights? WHERE IS THE U OF C? Is there some big alternative geek party I haven't heard about? Have they cancelled finals? Has the evil Master Plan finally taken effect and made everyone here but me COOL and capable of having FUN? Fun is for sissies!

Y'all better get your asses in here this weekend and SUFFER, or I am going to boycott this school.

I mean, after I finish my finals.