Monday, February 21, 2011

Aggressive undergrad marginalia

A note found in my copy of The Prince, next to the part of ch. 3 about the Roman conquest of Philip and Antiochus:
Pre-emption: take the war to the terrorists before they bring the war here
Grrr! What must we have been discussing in first quarter sosc?


David said...

Well, don't erase it or throw it out. It'll be in the Newberry Library someday.

arethusa said...

Old marginalia can be so embarrassing. I run into this at least once a month.

Miss Self-Important said...

David: This article says that marginalia won't exist by the time I'm famous.

Arethusa: A problem to be solved one day by ebooks. eMachiavelli won't embarrass me five years later.

arethusa said...

Alas, most ereaders have a notes feature, so you'll be forced to reread your notes before deleting them, or at least acknowledge their existence. (Of course, the notes feature is usually so hard to use I only do it when I'm really irritated at an author.)