Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Winner of the 2012 APSA cancellation commentary festival

Not that it affected Miss Self-Important in any way, but I did enjoy watching the crisis of hurricane-obstructing-annual political science convention unfold on the internet. Particularly this:
"I think interviewers are going to be very, very impressed when I show up in a kayak wearing an armadillo as a helmet."

Monday, August 20, 2012

New foliage

Well, we made it here, drugged cat and all. Thus, the department of extremely improbable events bring us: Miss Self-Important living in California. We've spent the past few days purchasing and then constructing our Ikea apartment. This is actually a step up from previous moves, when we purchased used Ikea from Craigslist. Think of it--brand new Ikea! What wonders will the next decade bring us? Used real furniture? Maybe by the time we're 50, we can even buy a piece of new solid wood? That might seem like something to aspire to, but what will I do with all my accrued Ikea construction wisdom if suddenly I get whole things made out of actual trees and not just their dust delivered to my door? Anyway, in our second or third day of Ikea construction, we were working on a wardrobe and found ourselves in need of a hammer and great strength, so our brother-in-law came to rescue us. After the thing was put in place, I suggested that we follow the usually-ignored instructions for securing it to the wall.
Why would we need to do that, asked husband?
Because it's tall and narrow and the room is carpeted, I suggested.
Because of earthquakes, brother-in-law suggested.
Oh yeah.
Now I am thinking about how I can affix everything in this apartment to the wall.


Right now, a customer and a barista at the coffee shop are commiserating about how *hot* it is out:
"I'd like to sit outside, but it's just so hot."
"I know, I went for a night run yesterday and it was so hot, I couldn't even finish."
Do I even need to point out that it's 78 degrees?

Monday, August 06, 2012

Why it can be hard to regret leaving Cambridge

An ad from the Crimson website:
What if the kid only ends up at a third-tier school? Does he get sent back to the manufacturer? Is there a money-back guarantee on this transaction?