Sunday, September 23, 2012


Miss Self-Important was back in Cambridge for a few days to participate in this and mope about my exile. There was of course perfect New England autumn weather, the kind of sun-warmth with frigid edges that elicits the best wardrobe choices by the shining children of Harvard, and the cafes were all full with start-of-school energy. Leaving again was melancholy, though being there was also melancholy because the leaving would imminently commence. Miss Self-Important is evidently a permanent, inconsolable malcontent. 

Cute barbarians at the gates:


Withywindle said...

Edmund Wilson has an essay about how the incurable malcontents reach California, see the Pacific Ocean, and realize their discontent lies within themselves. Then they commit suicide. As I recollect it. I think you should read the essay so as to feel Good About Yourself.

Miss Self-Important said...

"The Jumping-Off Place." Now reading. A real feel-good family story, adding to the optimistic oeuvre of California reading I've been doing, like Where I Was From. Everyone says that everyone else is living a delusion here. Phew, good thing it's never themselves.