Monday, September 10, 2012

In the grand tradition of impostordom

Internet friend Tim alerts us to (the unnoticed presence among us of) our annual Ivy League impostor, this time at Columbia. And so early in the year! This woman does not seem to have gotten nearly as far as Adam Wheeler or the nattily-attired Abe Liu, or my favorite impostor, Azia Kim, because judging by this article and the comments, everyone who encountered her immediately found her to be at least strange, if not outright deranged. Two weeks on campus isn't long enough to make a big impostor-y splash in the usual ways that cause everyone to express histrionic panic about campus security and outrage at admissions/administrative incompetence. But it generated a little bit of the usual:
“I was so freaked out when I found out she didn’t go here,” Smith said. “I always saw her on campus. She had different sets of clothes. She even had a big backpack during the school week.”
I know, that is so freaky. What is with people who have different clothes and backpacks? Anyway, not much seems to be known about this woman, so we'll let this be until more info surfaces.

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