Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"The unlived life is not worth examining."

"Good writers 'add detail,' 'stretch their words,' and 'spell the best they can.'" So maybe this explains why I had college students who wrote things like this:
"Congressmen and wamun attempt to determine what the ideals of the median voter are before proposing legislation. Before elections it is common for Legislators to shit their ideal..."
Good writers spell the best they can. Yes. 

But, this is the pedagogical approach of College Summit, and it does work well in very short bursts (the kids just have to crank out one essay). Maybe if you only have to examine your unlived life once in all its 17 years, you can dig up something. Incidentally, one of the best essays (only, like Pondiscio, we are not permitted to call them that, because the word may scare the kids off) that I saw in four years was about how some girl's dog died. Let's jut say she "added detail" and "stretched her words."

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