Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The pressing questions of our age, 3

When I read online reviews for some basic clothing item like shorts or cardigans or button-down shirts and see that someone has written something like, "This item is so great that I bought one in every color!", I always think this person must either hate clothes and just want to get the necessary acquisitions over with (but then why would she bother posting online reviews, an activity I associate with enthusiasts?), or she must be an enthusiast of monotony. It's great that something is perfect in every way for you, but the world of clothes is broad and wide, and if you like them, then don't you want subtle variety in your collection of basics?

But then I recently had to replace my black cardigan and so bought a style I liked off of Ebay, only to realize when it arrived today that I in fact own this exact cardigan in (now) four different colors. This was not an intentional "I will buy all the things!" event, since it did take three years to acquire my collection, but the J.Crew Jackie cardigan is really great (and evidently many other women agree, given how long J.Crew has been selling it). Does this mean that women who seize on a good style when they see it and buy all the colors are right?


Flavia said...

The only clothing item that I own in multiple different colors is, in fact, the Jackie cardigan--of which I own six (two of them black). But like yours, my collection accumulated slowly, over many years.

And most of them are by now in need of replacing.

Miss Self-Important said...

Well, thanks to inadvertent serial purchasers like us, they're still available every season. But what is the rationale for two identical items in the same color?

Flavia said...

I bought the second one a year or two after I'd bought the first, which I was wearing/washing so much that it was starting to look slightly faded and the fabric just a bit limp or less crisp or something. (This was before I realized that J. Crew would be manufacturing that cardigan FOREVER--so I bought the second before the first had truly worn out.)

Now both of the black ones look a bit off, as do the two I love most, a bright azure blue and a fuschia-y pink. Only the brown one and the tan one, both of which I decided have unpleasant undertones & never wear, still look fresh. I think I also have a navy one, but I haven't seen it in a while.