Saturday, April 06, 2013

Humanities PhDs, non-despair edition

Paging Phoebe: Here is something you can do with your PhD. And by "something," I do not mean, "attain the appearance of a 1980s workout video guru," or at least not that exclusively.

On the substance of this proposal, which is supposedly Relevant To Mah Interests as something at the nexus (the nexus!) of political theory and childrearing, I have only to say that Machiavellian advice can easily be adapted to all sorts of domestic and sartorial situations, but what he is most well-suited for is the social world of middle school, and until someone writes that book, I remain indifferent.

UPDATE: A reader kindly informs me that this book does exist. Oddly, the UCSD library does not possess a copy, but I will hunt one done eventually and let you all know whether it's conducive to the times.

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