Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snapshots of the non-academic life

I didn't schlep my editions of Hobbes to Chicago with me because I figured it would be easier to use library copies while I was here. And I was right. Sort of. This is how political theory is shelved according the Dewey Decimal system at the local library of my yoof:
(On the other hand, it almost goes without saying that Skokieland has the entire Library of America set of Philip Roth's collected works.)

It is strangely Alice in Wonderland-ish for me to think that I've followed, of all possible roads, the narrow path at the Lincolnwood Public Library located between Michael Moore and Make Any Divorce Better, and that it's led, so far, to the Library of Congress JC 150s section occupying 10 shelves in the freezing D-Level sub-basement of Widener. 

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