Monday, July 08, 2013

Travel interlude

In order to make the most of the limited number of destinations to which one can fly direct out of San Diego, we spent the weekend in Sante Fe, which is a comfortable desert outpost full of Indians and tunic-clad hippie women (so many tunics that you'd think news of the advent of shirts and pants hadn't yet reached them).

We stayed in a tiny adobe house off a dirt road.

And we couldn't go hiking because of local wildfires, so we visited SJC, where David had advised us in advance to seek out the clocks with Greek letters, which we did but couldn't photograph, so I photographed the Greek payphone instead, now outdated twice over.

There is also a big sign out front banning dogs on campus, but this contrary indication in the library itself. (The eponymous Seymour was nowhere to be found; perhaps the library amnesty had ended, or he went home for the summer.)

Finally, we settled for hiking our dirt roads instead.

Actual Santa Fe was also nice, but not really worth photographing. I'll be in Virginia and DC for the rest of the month, so blogging will be...pretty much as irregular as usual.


alex said...

yay for coming to DC!

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