Monday, September 09, 2013

Populism in journalism, part 2

You know what's better journalism than covering the news? Publishing an accusatory article on "cultural" topics (Harvard, gender) that you know will generate a flood of indignant web comments, and then making news out of those comments. Front page news, even. Once again, who needs reporting when you can just copy and paste unattributed, unverified reader responses?

Also excellent in this piece is the assertion that,
Even though Section X is hard to pin down — some students said they did not believe it existed at all — it causes enormous resentment on campus, starting with its name. Every Harvard Business School class is organized into 10 sections labeled A through J, and the name Section X implies a pulling away from the wider community.
Advice to Section X-ers from the HBS student body: Just rename yourselves "Section K," and all will be forgiven.


Alpheus said...

And here I had been thinking that Harvard Business School was a bastion of egalitarianism.

Miss Self-Important said...

Well, to be fair, I don't think it's so preposterous to imagine that everyone there is more or less equally rich, given what B-school is. This article is thus eye-opening, for in fact, some people there are merely comfortably-situated while others are living in the penthouse of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That's news.