Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More Argentina

Public health campaign: get your blood pressure measured in the middle of the park

Chip flavors available in supermarkets of Buenos Aires: chorizo, asado, quesadilla, empanada, pollo con limon. Chip flavors not available in in supermarkets of Buenos Aires: any other flavors. These chicken chips tasted so much like an actual grilled chicken that my husband refused to eat them for fearing of spoiling real chicken for himself.

Porto Madera

Ambiguous midday meal consisting of parts of all other day's meals - breakfast, lunch, and tea.

A 200-year-old rubber tree that takes up approximately the space of a city block and is supported by special branch crutches.

The only copy of Locke I was able to find in the city. As against a million copies of Hobbes and the Heidegger/Benjamin/Foucault triple-package of bad ideas.


Empanadas stacked like potatoes, a sight that should be found in every supermarket.

Iguazu falls

Coati: basically a jungle raccoon. Cute but vicious.

The butterfly situation was out of control but the pretty ones refused to sit still for photos.

Full moon over the Iguazu River.


Emily Hale said...

Jealous of your travels!!

Jennie said...

Did you see the Hannah Arendt Center in Buenos Aires?

Miss Self-Important said...

I didn't! Where/what was it?

Jennie said...

I don't remember exactly ... and I didn't go inside. But I do have a picture of it somewhere, and after I got back, tried to google it to see if there were any postdocs/fellowships to hang out in Buenos Aires, eat empanadas, and read Arendt. But sadly, the search didn't turn anything up ...