Monday, September 15, 2014

Outrageous indignities

When Fedex loses the box in which you shipped all your clothes from San Diego to Boston for the year, and you have to substitute several years' worth of careful curating and collection with the current clearance rack at Gap.

UPDATE: After talking on the phone with probably every employee of Fedex over a period of five days, the box has been located somewhere completely random and is being re-sent to me. This demonstrates the importance of having personal connections in the lost package world. Fortunately, I only purchased two duplicate items so far on final sale; the rest of my compensatory online shopping can go back whence it came. (But maybe I'll keep one skirt as, you know, a memento of this trial of patience, or a duly deserved reward for my suffering...)


Emily Hale said...

Oh no! That's terrible!

Miss Self-Important said...

I know! It's hard to imagine an uglier set of wardrobe options than what makes it to the Gap clearance rack, except maybe that which is relegated to the American Apparel clearance rack, which is the local alternative.

Withywindle said...


But! The premise for a YA novel? "And then I saw him in the Gap--the dreamiest ever sales clerk."

Jennie said...

Ugh! But I'm glad that you'll be getting your fedex box soon! :)