Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pathologies of toddlerhood

We received the following "Incident Report" from daycare the other day conveying news of Goomba's poor behavior, complete with the dates, times, and signatures of all present adults and requiring my signature as well:
Description of Incident: Friend grabbed Goomba's face. Goomba bit friend's hand.
Incident Prevention: Closer supervision.
Savages. But I especially enjoy the use of the term "friend" here.


Lilia Benenson said...
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Emily Hale said...


Alex said...

At least she is not randomly biting people? I understand this to be a big problem in daycare.

Miss Self-Important said...

Toddler biting is just a big problem, period. As is toddler face-grabbing. Daycare just offers more victims.