Thursday, February 23, 2017

The decline of normal people fashion blogs

Ever since Extra Petite went pro, so to speak, and started shilling for $500 handbags and advising me on how best to approach my shopping at designer boutiques in Paris, there's been no one to advise me about what's good this season at boring cheap person stores like Loft, or what to wear with navy tights, or which pant cuts look good on short women. What Would A Nerd Wear quit a long time ago. Sidewalk Ready converted to midriff-baring bohemian weirdness not to be replicated in a professional work environment. Other fashion blogs with smaller followings that I used to read just kind of fizzled. Who is left to tell me what to wear?


Alex said...

Stitch Fix? Goomba?

Miss Self-Important said...

No, I need blogs, not paid services. Goomba can't tell a sock from a hat; she just puts all her clothes on her head.

Withywindle said...

Sounds like a bellwether.

Anonymous said...

Wardrobe Oxygen? I prefer some of her older articles for basic advice about how to dress oneself, advice I desperately need.