Monday, May 08, 2017

Small children vindicate my preferences

Per Julia's suggestion in my previous post, I ordered Nietzsche's lectures on education to see if they might fit into my course. The book fell into Goomba's hands when it arrived because she retrieves our mail. (Aside: It is amazing how much toddlers want to "help." They are like Aristotle's natural slaves and will do anything for you! The only problem is they're too weak and small to do very much that is useful. So technically, I retrieve the mail because Goomba is too short and hand it to her to take inside the house and this task makes her so happy.) She immediately determined that the book was for her, because it is small, like her, and insisted that I read it to her. I tried to explain that she would not enjoy it, and it had no fun pictures, and etc. Nevertheless, she persisted. So I sat down with her and began reading, and she burst into tears. I had to physically comfort her and immediately switch to Busy Farm and Passover is Coming! (Key line: "Our seder is great; we all celebrate!" This always causes Goomba to throw up her arms in celebration, even if you say it out of the blue with no connection at all to the book.) to pacify her anger.

That's how bad Nietzsche is.

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Julia said...

Or maybe this is how good Nietzsche is? He can even make an impression on small children! Imagine what he can do to adults! To be honest, Goomba's reaction sounds a lot like me during my first year of college.