Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's good on the Internet

A break from the movies. Also, note that I collect these over several weeks, and make no claim that they're hot off the presses.

The Rise and Fall of Toronto's Classiest Con Man - Imposters: Miss Self-Important's favorite subject.

Pilgrim at Tinder Creek - Modernity (specifically: grad school, dating) is sad, peeps.

A nice remembrance of Peter Lawler from Yuval Levin.

Against murderism - Slate Star Codex is easily the best blog on the internet right now, even in our diminished blog world.


Anonymous said...

I got burned doing favors for an academic con man several years ago. Since then I have sniffed out a few more. One did us all a favor and got a job at The University of Someone Else's Problem. Better pay and more prestige, so the inevitable downfall will be all the more delicious to watch. I guarantee you that there will be a lawsuit so epic that every academic news outlet will cover it.

Or maybe he'll save them the trouble of bringing him down by moving up to The University of Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind.

Miss Self-Important said...

Why not initiate the downfall if you have evidence?

Anonymous said...

I have hard evidence for one substantial lie told a while ago. Most of the subsequent stuff has a figleaf of an excuse. "Oh, he didn't realize you can't get credit for that. Oh, he didn't realize this spending rule applies in this case. Oh, he would have published more if... Oh, he's just been busy, that's why he consistently bailed on this obligation..."

Not enough to convict.

And whoever lands the first blow can't be white if they value their reputation.