Thursday, July 20, 2017

On the fate of Nigel

Since Goomba was born, I've been so wrapped up in the mysteries of human development that I've basically forgotten that a bizarre, basically wild animal also lives in our house. But he does! When I do think of him, it's mostly in light of the danger he poses to Goomba, who is now actively chasing him around the living room shrieking, "NYE-NYE!!!" and cornering him into desperate places every day. He's been remarkably patient with her, and I think he's only swatted at her a couple times. (I think she's at an age now where she can learn better from experience not to hit the the cat than by verbal admonishment, so yes, I let this happen.) Each of these swats has caused her to become completely outraged and promptly march over to us and point to the mark he left and blame him. I guess if you don't have siblings, you can still learn to tattle on your pets at an early age.


Alex said...

We appreciate Sal even more now with the babies. He is so quiet, can feed himself, and put himself back to sleep. It's like magic.

Miss Self-Important said...

Does your appreciation take the form of extra or even previous levels of affection though?

I am impressed that Nigel hasn't injured Goomba yet; he has definitely matured and learned restraint. But that's just an abstract appreciation. I don't actually pay more attention to him for it.