Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What's good on the internet

"The Picture in Her Mind" - A nice defense of Joan Didion against the tedious complaints about her "offenses against good political taste," including her failure to embrace the great truth of feminism. We also watched the new documentary about her on Netflix, but it was not very good. Didion is clearly a person who should be read, and not watched.

"How to Hire Fake Friends and Family" - This guy, who runs a company that hires out actors to pretend to be client's parents and spouses, etc., is extremely reflective. I am most perplexed by his claim at the end: "The happiness is not endless, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without value. The child had a father when she needed him most. It might have been a brief period, and she might know the truth now, but she had a meaningful experience at that time." Is that right?

"How Trump is really changing things" - The original article is gated, but this is a good write-up.


Anonymous said...

http s://conlaw .jotwell. com/individual-rights-and-collective-governance/

But the point of the Constitution as a whole was to enhance governance by “We the People.” The rights provisions, as Varol’s article elucidates powerfully, empower rather than merely protect “the People.” They frame and drive our governance structure.

For instance, right to a jury trial isn't just an individual right, but it prevents the institutional corruption created by plea-bargaining.

Miss Self-Important said...

To what does this refer?

Anonymous said...

The title of the post seemed to imply that the subject is-- interesting news stories (blogposts?) on the internet.

Was there something else connecting the three articles you choose?

Miss Self-Important said...

So you are adding this to my list? Or responding to one of the articles with this?

Anonymous said...

The only justice on the court who subscribes to the "rights are also structures" argument is Kennedy (Bond v. U.S.). The way Trump is changing America is by nominating justices like Kennedy (Gorsuch). So its a response to the third story.

Thank you for asking.