Monday, July 15, 2019

Home gadgetry

I don’t have Amazon Prime (which is really tough b/c I have to pay full price at a Whole Foods so please send humanitarian assistance) but my entire social media life has been informing me of the amazing deals I’m missing during Prime Day(s?). I look at their shopping recommendations and am troubled b/c I don’t even know what this stuff is. I am a relatively young adult. I have a college degree. I have social media accounts. I have deliberately sought out local kombucha in a number of US cities. But I do not know what a Kindle Fire is, or a Roku, or an Alexa Dot Echo Nest Instant Roomba Pot. Actually, I know about the Roomba from videos of cats riding on them circa 2009. I guess they make better ones now?

What really puzzles me is not just that I don’t own these things, but that I don’t think I’ve even seen them in anyone else’s home in the past decade. But according to online, everyone has them! Are these devices invisible? Are they useful, or have I not heard of them bc we’ve just reached the point in household technology development when timesaving devices have become so involved that they’re actually time-wasting? (I think this is true of the food processor, for example, which I do own and which is about the most recent approximation I have to a multitasking do-it-all device that does nothing especially well.)