Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Harvard's Heated Discussion Classroom"

A fellow grad student alerted me to the news that "Justice" is huge in Japan. This closely follows the trend of absurd things becoming huge in Asia. The best parts of the trend are the Japanese name of the class, and the following juxtaposition of sentiments:
“I am astonished and delighted by the popularity of ‘Justice’ in Japan,” Prof. Sandel told JRT by email. “There seems to be a great yearning, in Japan as in the U.S., for public discussion of big ideas, especially about ethics and values.”

One Japanese fan, self-identified as “Greenbellove,” tweeted: The show is “intellectually stimulating. Professor Sandel might be my ideal guy. I should seriously consider making him the wallpaper for my cell phone.”

UPDATE: "Justice" also huge in Korea. Maybe next year, I will be TAing sections of the "global community" instead of just Harvard children?

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