Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Divine vengeance

This is how I will be spending my spring break next week: 
- grading 40 10-pg papers on Congressional redistricting
- grading 40 midterm exams
- grading a 100-pg senior thesis

Oh yes, they say, spring break is such a good time to get your own work done, they say, you can focus on your research for an entire week untroubled by teaching demands and course distractions, they say. 

In Houyhnhnm terms, they say the thing that is not.

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Flavia said...

Oh, yeah: that's totally a lie, and any faculty member perpetrating it should know as much.

Spring Break is the time to catch up on one's grading and one's sleep (and to ratchet down the levels of stress and irritation and propensity to burst into tears that have been building throughout the first half of the semester).

Spring is by far the worse of the two semesters, and spring break doesn't nearly make up for it.