Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five-buck Chucks

Got tired of heels for teaching, regressed to high school footwear. Thanks to Ebay moreover, they're even cheaper now than they were in 2001.
PS: Brooch update! My mother sent an old brooch of hers. Waiting for spring break to end to wear it to class.
PPS: When spring break does end though, I may actually have died of a paper grading overdose. I offer you this sample of my ordeal:
"Committees play a crucial role in what bills are addressed by the Senate and the House of Common."


Emily Hale said...

I'm excited about your brooch--and sorry about the paper grading. My students turn theirs in tomorrow...

Miss Self-Important said...

Me too! I hope your students can manage the houses of Congress better than mine.

PS: These shoes came from a thrift shop in Williamsport!