Monday, January 07, 2013

"We are pleased to present a listing of every book Art has read over the last 44 years."

In keeping with the trend of repostings of ancient things, I wish to re-call your attention to Art Garfunkel's stupendous, eclectic, professor-cowing book list:
Since the 1960's, Art Garfunkel has been a voracious reader. We are pleased to present a listing of every book Art has read over the last 44 years. This book list has been divided into several pages to allow easy downloading. Each page indicates the author, title, date of publication and number of pages (when available).
In case you should want to download them! As of now, there are 1,174 books, which is probably 1,000 more than I have ever read, including more than I have read from the 18th Century. (But how many total pages, Art? Inquiring minds want to know!) Of these, precisely 157 are his favorites, among them both both De Rerum Natura and 50 Shades of Grey. Well, at least we can say he is not a snob. What he may be is a little compulsive though, since further exploration of his site unearths a number of other very detailed lists - lists of all his concerts, and lists of all his 134 original songs, "ranked by Art in order of quality of his vocal performance and overall quality of the song." He is also walking through Europe at present, posting one poem in each place he stops. Unfortunately, after listening to Art's #1 song as ranked by Art himself, I was a bit disappointed. Still, even if Paul Simon had all the musical talent, Art Garfunkel is succeeding in his side job of crushing all the political theory grad students in America.

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