Sunday, March 03, 2013

Experimental caffeination: coffee and chocolate milk

I was recently in LA and found myself on Abbot-Kinney, which, as I was accurately warned by Jennie, is a place where coffee shops are for being noticed in and not for working. Unfortunately, I had to work, so after being glared out of two sleeker coffee shops, ended up in a decidedly lower-rent one more amenable to hiding behind a book from the glamorous humanity swirling around for a couple of hours. Instead of the usual iced coffee, however, they offered something called a Brown Cow - half iced coffee, half chocolate milk. Peeps, this is a great idea. If you put milk in your coffee anyway, why not chocolate milk? Eliminates all the need for sugar. Anyway, I've been trying it at home with hot coffee, and it is great. LA is full of geniuses. But also freeways, so still not suitable for human habitation.


Jennie said...

i <3 abbot's habit! good sandwiches & juices, too. and now i have to try this brown cow thingy when i'm back!

alex said...

there is this pretzel bakery in cap hill that has a mocha that is half coffee, one quarter hot chocolate, and one quarter nutella. it's awesome.

Miss Self-Important said...

Jennie: I like that they allow people w/o $500 purses in. And have chairs.

Alex: I've also tried a nutella latte recently, but it wasn't good at all. The nutella didn't melt or get mixed in; it was just a gloop at the bottom. I assumed it's just not integrate-able like chocolate. Is that not true? Did they just not blend mine well?

alex said...

i have heard that complaint from others about nutella, but this place managed it just fine. also, their pretzels are amazing- we should go when you visit. but it is not a cafe, just a storefront.

Miss Self-Important said...

A use for the stick blender?

I don't know what an amazing pretzel is, but yes, let's go. July!