Monday, August 12, 2013

Jean Elshtain has died

Sad news. I'm just finishing her Gifford Lectures on sovereignty and was about to start in on Public Man, Private Woman. Elshtain was never my teacher, but I frequently came across her work, since she has written on women and the family in political thought, in a thoughtful and reasonable way in a milieu that does not typically reward saying determinedly preservative things on these topics. I concluded that she had good aim from a review of hers I found of Richard Flathman's book on authority that was the only thing at the time to point out the simple and devastating fact that Flathman's supposedly synoptic analysis of authority entirely neglected and could not be applied to all our experiences of authority that do not emanate from The State, which are basically all the experiences of private life. And, of course, from the wonderful essay on thrift from the now-defunct In Character, "You Kill It, You Eat It."

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Withywindle said...

Never read a word by her, I think, but all things I read about her sounded good. Sorry to hear this.