Thursday, August 22, 2013

The whole world outside of Oberlin was right, including me

Via JTL, self-inflicted hate crime: check, sort of. I suppose "hoax" is more apt than "self-inflicted hoax," since these guys did nothing to themselves, so I submit that to correction. At least our culprits spared us the ubiquitous self-delusion that what they did was for the purpose of "raising awareness" of racism, etc. However, Oberlin's admin still insists - in good administrative Newspeak - that being trolled was "an educational moment." And they do not seem to mean that it educated said administrators about trolling and the appropriate and inappropriate responses to it. Because in this sphere, they are apparently ineducable.


Flavia said...

Just before seeing your post, I saw a Facebook post from a friend who teaches at Oberlin saying, "as expected."

Miss Self-Important said...

If the people inside have their heads on straight, why don't they ever use them to calm down their over-reactive students and admins?

Flavia said...

Lack of tenure?

Really, I don't know. But I think a) the dominant culture of an institution is sometimes such that it doesn't seem worth wading into the fight, and b) it's even harder if you basically share the political goals--though not the approaches and excesses--of that culture.

We all tend to believe that the grandstanders and hysterics on our own side are well-intentioned and basically harmless, even we wince and cringe at them.

That's my theory here, anyway.