Monday, October 07, 2013

Faculty news from the memory department

Although he died two years ago, I still sometimes think about my college humanities professor in connection with things Greek in my academic life, and since Greek things are unusually prevalent right now thanks to TAing, I've had occasion to think of him often this fall. And when I do think of him, my natural postmodern impulse is to Google him to make sure that the internet also remembers him, and to see if it has perhaps generated something new in the memory department. It's remarkable how one can keep up with the goings on of the dead this way, as though even death were no longer an impediment to continued intellectual output. Most recently, I came across this series of interviews with him from 2009 done by some guy who might be some sort of fringe lefty nut. But that's immaterial to the interviews, in which Sinaiko talks about ancient China (asserting at some point that the present government is a haven for open debate), citizenship, Rome, the Tea Party, and his questionable political opinions. I don't think I ever agreed with his politics, and I'm not going to start now, but it is nice to see these videos.

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