Thursday, December 19, 2013

Theory and practice: applications of modern philosophy

In "What is Authority?", Arendt says something uncharacteristically feminine about how one might use the heel of one's shoe as a hammer, but doing so does not make a shoe a hammer. I was reminded of this when, recently, I acquired a pair of boots that were uncomfortably tight in the calves (you come across this lament in boot reviews all the time - "I have athletic calves" - but Miss Self-Important's calves are quite averse to athletics and she has never before had this difficulty). I couldn't think how to stretch them out a little, until I hit upon the following solution:

This is frankly more use than either of these volumes are likely to see in a good long while.


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I have this whole passage running through my head about using a book to spread the calf both adds to and diminishes from the bookness of the book and the bootness of the boot.