Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An open letter to people with iProducts

Dear people with iProducts,

Please download the QuizUp app and play it (with me).

Miss Self-Important


Julia said...

You may want to search for me under the name "Porky." Game on.

Miss Self-Important said...

There are like 10 porky's, and none from your locale! Specify. Or, search for Gremlin, cat face, "Spartan hoplite."

David said...

You are obsessed!

Miss Self-Important said...

It's fun! Seb and I play as a team. We are not very coordinated at it yet, but we are very competitive with strangers.

Also, I've noticed that ever since I changed my photo and it's clear that I am female, no one rematches me or accepts my rematch requests. :(