Sunday, July 19, 2015

Regional differences in breaking records

"San Diego has broken just about every record it has for July," said Roger Pierce, a National Weather Service forecaster. "It was a pretty amazing weekend."
And what exactly is meant by "pretty amazing" in San Diego? This:
Sunday's downpour pushed San Diego's July rainfall to 1.50 inches, breaking the previous July record of 0.92 inches, set in 1902. Lindbergh Field recorded a high temperature of 88 degrees, one degree higher than the previous record for July 19, set in 1951.
There you have it, the apocalypse: 1.5 inches of rain and 88-degree temperatures. Essentially, San Diego experienced two average Midwest/East Coast summer storms this weekend and the city nearly collapsed.


Alex said...

Yay for rain, though, right? The constant downpours have abated a bit here, so win-win.

Miss Self-Important said...

Well, I like the rain b/c it reminds me of more civilized locales, but as with DC and snow, San Diego is not well-equipped to handle such unexpected weather events, so half the traffic lights in the county seem to be out.