Sunday, November 29, 2015

The limits of tolerance

I thought I'd become accustomed to all the baby's bodily fluids and excretions until she came down with a cold a couple days ago, and we were instructed to remove her snot with what is surely the most grotesque device imaginable: the NoseFrida, sub-named "The Snotsucker." It's basically a nose enema. An adult sucks the tube, creating suction by which heretofore unseen boogers from somewhere way up the nasal cavity and mercifully out of sight come shooting out. It's a horrible sight. It's very hard to accurately weigh my competing desires that the baby recover from her cold and that I never, ever have to suck snot out of her.

UPDATE: My resolve didn't last very long.


Withywindle said...

Goldberry, thank God, was in charge of our NoseFrida.

Miss Self-Important said...

This responsibility is reversed here, on the grounds that faulty noses are the genetic fault of the paternal line. Unfortunately, the representative of the paternal line recently returned to work, leaving me to deal with these things during the day.