Friday, March 25, 2016

Dr. Self-Important

The epic East Coast trip with baby is done and I've defended my dissertation. One day, maybe I'll write a post about grad school as an experience (that you should probably avoid), just as one day, I'll write about pregnancy and motherhood as experiences (which you might consider undertaking). But not now. What I will say is that defending my dissertation was anticlimactic, and now that grad school is over after so many years, I hardly know what to do with myself and am full of absurd and unjustifiable nostalgia.

To assist you in sharing my melancholy about recent events, here are some photos of Cambridge and environs during the years I was there.

The view behind the department, 2012

Irving St., 2011
Chestnut Hill Reservoir, 2012

Charles River from the JFK Bridge, 2013

Cambridge St., 2012

Avon Hill St., 2013

Creative stumping, somewhere in Avon Hill
The time someone chalk-outlined the shadow of my bike very precisely and for no reason

I predict they will be as popular as their pizzas

There are too many platitudes to choose from, so why not combine?

A turkey

A baby raccoon

Inky, the sweetest outdoor cat that ever was


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Phoebe said...

Well done! And great photos!

David said...

Way to go! You might use this time to consider what new form the header illustration will take.

Miss Self-Important said...

Flavia and Phoebe: Thanks!

David: Suggestions?

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